Special Events


Monday, June 21st through Friday, July 2nd

Social distancing has given us all a new appreciation of the importance of better hearing and easy access to modern technologies to help us stay connected with family and friends. That’s why we invite you to test-drive the latest hearing aids with cutting-edge technology from a leading manufacturer.

Discover how these hearing aids can improve your hearing and your quality of life with:

  • Great Sound Quality – Reduce your risk for cognitive decline by giving your brain the best support available.
  • Fast and Easy Rechargeability – Charge on the go and carry on with life without having to worry about changing batteries.
  • Hassle-free Connection to Your Favorite Devices – Stream stereo-quality audio from your TV, cellphone and more.
  • Control Your Hearing Aids from Your Smartphone – Adjust volume, switch settings and check battery level.
  • Remote support – Connect with me from the comfort of your home, using a compatible phone or your home computer. This remote access allows me to make minor adjustments to your hearing aids to help you get better results.

We are ready to serve your hearing needs and excited to introduce you to advances in hearing technology that are truly life changing! Call (845) 330-0475 today to schedule an in-office or phone appointment to arrange your RISK-FREE test drive.

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