Hearing Protection

Noise exposure can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. With the help of hearing protection, individuals can prolong their natural abilities. Byron’s Hudson Valley Hearing Aid Centers provide access to affordable hearing protection devices and accessories. They accommodate all lifestyles, hobbies and professions.

Hearing Loss Prevention

The world is a noisy place that contains more than one way to damage hearing. Unprotected hearing can lead to permanent damage. This is why hearing protection is necessary and strongly encouraged. To reduce noise exposure, ear protection becomes a viable option on a personal and professional level. It’s portable, easy to use and mandatory in some industries before operating heavy equipment. Getting the right accessory means knowing how much noise reduction is needed for an activity. It’s important to reduce the maximum sound level, but not to the point where environmental awareness becomes compromised.

Musicians Earplugs and Monitors

Sound in a studio is capable of exceeding safe noise limits. To balance out the extremes, musicians use earplugs when creating or editing music in the studio. Musicians’ earplugs are specialized types that normalize the volume without affecting the integrity of the music. It’s an essential tool to protect the long-term hearing of talented artists.

When performing live, the noise levels are off the charts. The music is loud, the crowd is roaring and the musicians have to focus on their performance. Using wedges on stage was the preferred method of helping with that focus. In-ear monitors have replaced wedges and come with the additional benefit of protecting the ears of the performer.  

Earmolds and Earplugs

Earmolds are usually discussed during the evaluation for hearing aids. An earmold is an exact copy of an individual’s ear. It’s helpful for comfort but also ensures maximum optimization with the hearing device. Earmolds for noise exposure use a similar philosophy when it comes to compatibility. With earmolds, the wearer gets professional-grade protection from noise exposure.  

Earplugs in their generic form provide acceptable protection from loud sounds. By moving up to custom earplugs, wearers get protection that is equal to custom earmolds. A custom-fit is important when getting advanced earplugs that come with additional features. Without a specialized fit, the wearer won’t be able to fully benefit from the advanced technology.