What is the Best Hearing Protection for Concerts?

a selection of different hearing protection products

Our ears go through a lot and with restrictions easing and things opening back up we are getting back to the things we love doing the most. That could be learning a new language, an exercise class or something more fun like going to a concert. Concerts are full of fun, singing with strangers, an electric and excitement-filled atmosphere and your favorite songs blasting the loudest you ever heard them. Although it is a lot of fun and something you will never forget it can be very harmful to your hearing. 

Prolonged Exposure

If you have prolonged overexposure to loud sounds like concerts if you are an avid concertgoer especially then you have exactly that. You are exposed to a lot of loud music over a longer period. There are ways in which you can protect your hearing from this kind of exposure but the best thing you can use to protect yourself is earplugs. 

Earplugs are very inexpensive and are completely affordable. You can even buy them in bulk in the hundreds for not very much at all. Earplugs are one of the most common and most easily accessible items to get for preventative measures for hearing loss, tinnitus or ear injury. They are great but due to the type of material they are all made from the bulk purchased earplugs can sometimes lead to ear infections. This is due to the type of material as it can harbor bacteria which can then cause issues in your ears further down the line.

Protecting Your Ears

To protect your ears while also avoiding getting in the infection you can look to get fully customizable earplugs; these are formed to perfectly fit your individual ears as everyone is different and they are normally made with better quality materials too which would not harbor bacteria.

With earplugs, they don’t completely remove sound they just make it quieter. So, they are the perfect tool to help protect your hearing and your ears while at a very loud. They are a very discreet thing to use as well so it isn’t obvious you are wearing them. While at concerts try to make sure you aren’t directly near the speakers as this can be damaging for your ears. Looking after your hearing and your ears is very important especially if you do attend things like concerts regularly as the constant exposure to loud music can contribute to hearing loss and other symptoms. 

Regular Exposure

So, if you do regularly expose yourself to this a good thing to do is to visit a hearing health professional for regular checkups and screening and they can help with preventing things like hearing loss, tinnitus and balance issues. If it looks like something may be on its way to happening got you then they can start help to put things in place and make recommendations to help as much as possible.

You can still go out, enjoy life and attend that concert you have been wanted to but always keep in mind your hearing and how fragile it is. 

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