Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is a common ailment that affects millions of people across the world. Sometimes it is gradual, while other times it occurs suddenly. Byron’s Hudson Valley Hearing Aid Centers take care of mild-to-severe cases of tinnitus. A variety of treatment options is a difference-maker when dealing with the impacts of tinnitus. 

What Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a phantom sound that can be heard in one or both ears. The sound is random and can cycle between whistling, whooshing, clicking or buzzing. These sounds are often distracting and can make normal day-to-day activities difficult. Subjective tinnitus falls into this category, but there are three others. 

Objective tinnitus gives off an actual sound that can be heard with a specialized instrument. Vascular deformities and muscle contractions are the most common cause of this form of tinnitus. As one of the most severe forms of tinnitus, objective is also one of the most curable.

Neurological tinnitus is usually the side effect of a much serious disorder. Once discovered, precautions are necessary to treat the underlying cause of the condition. For some patients, the discovery of this form of tinnitus has led to life-saving operations. 

Somatic tinnitus is a sensory disorder but not as common as objective or subjective tinnitus. It takes time to fully observe and treat somatic tinnitus.


It’s important to see a hearing care professional before tinnitus symptoms get serious. A hearing exam will expose underlying issues related to tinnitus symptoms. The discovery will shape the treatment but can also be helpful in finding the cause of the condition. 

Earwax blockage and blood vessel conditions fall under the treatable tinnitus category. When treated early, neither cause will lead to permanent injury. After treatment, normal hearing is restored, and day-to-day activities are resumed. 

When tinnitus is in the serious category, noise suppression is the ideal form of relief. Hearing aids can be equipped with masking features to help with the noise you hear during the day. White noise machines are portable devices that suppress the worst effects of tinnitus and are ideal for nighttime usage. They automatically tune out the random sounds of tinnitus so that the sufferer can focus on specific tasks. 

Noise suppression comes with the additional benefit of tinnitus retraining therapy. This type of counseling is essential in optimizing the masking capabilities of the sound device. Coping techniques are a big part of getting over tinnitus, even when dealing with the temporary effects. All options will be discussed with you during your visit to help you understand how you can alleviate these symptoms.