Earwax Removal

Cerumen, also known as earwax, is naturally produced by the glands in the ears to lubricate the ear canals and keep dust and debris from getting too far down in the ear canal. Cerumen typically clears itself from the ears, but in some instances can accumulate and cause a blockage, especially if you wear earmolds […]

Remote Hearing Care

For hearing care, remote appointments take on an entirely different meaning. Hearing care professionals are now able to assist patients with problems related to hearing loss, device maintenance and more. Remote hearing care covers several of the most common services offered at onsite locations. When help is needed beyond remote care, the doors are always open for a face-to-face visit.

Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Normal maintenance helps hearing devices to meet or exceed their life expectancy. Common problems with the quality of the device can be cleared up by cleaning as needed. When repairs exceed normal maintenance, onsite repairs are always available. In the event of extensive damage, loaner hearing aids are discussed as an option while the originals are sent off for repair.

Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

The hearing aid dispensing and fitting appointment is the final step to meeting a patient’s hearing needs. Hearing care professionals take the final steps necessary to finish the programming of the new hearing devices. They adapt it for audio quality and comfort while explaining the most important features. Asking questions is encouraged during the dispensing to ease familiarity with the new technology. Bringing prepared questions is helpful for covering all of the expectations that come with wearing new hearing aids.

Evaluation for Hearing Aids

Getting the right hearing device is an essential step to meeting expected quality of life standards. The evaluation for hearing aids takes into account all of the previous exam information. Hearing care professionals will offer their device recommendations, but the final choice is still up to the patient. Price, quality of life features and size all factor into making the final decision. Resources are available to help narrow down the decision, including the option to trial potential hearing aids.