Are Custom Earplugs Effective?

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Hearing loss is something that most people will face at some point in their lives. As your body gets older, the inner structures of your ear start to deteriorate, which is why you start losing your ability to hear. However, it is possible to delay the effects of hearing loss and maintain healthy hearing for as long as possible. 

Primarily, you should use some form of hearing protection to protect your ears from loud noises. Sound is measured in decibels (dB), and your hearing instrument specialist (HIS) will recommend avoiding sounds that are above 70dB for a prolonged period. If you expose your ears to sounds of this level or higher for a long time, hearing loss can occur. For context, the sound of city traffic is around 80dB, and the sound of leaf blowers is around 85dB. Additionally, if you are around sounds above 120dB, you can cause immediate damage to your ears. 

With that in mind, you should have hearing protection if you are constantly exposing yourself to loud noises. Usually, earplugs are seen as the most versatile and accessible option. You can buy earplugs online from virtually anywhere, but there is another option that a hearing instrument specialist can provide you with, custom earplugs. 

There are many questions surrounding custom earplugs and their effectiveness, so allow us to answer them as best as possible:

Custom Earplugs Are Extremely Effective

In general, earplugs are effective as they block your ears and prevent sound from entering them. This means that the sounds you hear will be muffled or a lot quieter, thanks to the barrier between your ears and the world around you. 

With custom earplugs, you get another level of effectiveness. Largely, this is down to two reasons:

  • An improved fit
  • Additional filters

You see, buying earplugs online will mean you have to deal with whatever sizes are available. Some of them are actually made from wax, so you have to push them into your ear and hope they mold themselves to the right shape. With custom earplugs, your HIS will take molds of your ears to craft earplugs that are specifically designed to fit them. This means they are perfectly snug in your ear, blocking out as much sound as possible without leaving any gaps. 

Furthermore, a lot of custom earplugs are built with special filters, allowing for a more precise method of noise reduction. In essence, it means the earplugs can be designed to reduce noise by as much as necessary. This is perfect for anyone that needs earplugs for a specific job. 

What Are Custom Earplugs?

Custom earplugs may look similar to regular ones, but they are slightly different. As mentioned above, your hearing instrument specialist will take molds of your ear to then make earplugs that fit you. The mold is then sent to the custom earplug manufacturer who will create a set that’s designed especially for you. These earplugs won’t fit anyone else, and they can be worn every day. 

What Are the Other Benefits of Custom Earplugs?

Aside from being more effective than general earplugs, what are the other advantages of getting custom ones made?

To start, they are typically made from higher-quality and more durable materials. Most earplugs that you buy online are made from foam or wax, while custom ones tend to be constructed out of soft silicone or acrylic. This means they will last for longer, making them a wiser and more cost-effective investment in the long run. 

A secondary benefit of making earplugs from these materials is that they’re more hygienic. Many of the foam earplugs on the market are havens for bacteria, which can then lead to ear infections. Custom earplugs are far less likely to lead to this. 

Finally, you can get custom earplugs that are designed specifically for your lifestyle. If you work on a construction site or live near a busy road, you can have earplugs that are designed to counteract the typical noise levels you face daily. It’s a really simple way of getting hearing protection that’s made for you. 

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